Michael McPherson

A veteran performer and recording artist, Michael has also owned and operated numerous other music related businesses over the years including recording studios, record labels, distribution and publishing companies and music e-commerce sites. He has recorded with some of the best musicians in the business including members of Blackfoot, Windmachine and Axe as well as musicians who toured and recorded with Warren Zevon, Steve Vai and Frank Zappa. He released an album of his original music a few years back entitled "Don't Look Back" which was produced by Bob Barth of Blackfoot and mixed by two time Grammy award winner Mark Pinske (Frank Zappa's engineer). Mike plays several musical instruments including guitar, mandolin, bass and keyboards and sings both lead and backing vocals in Hourglass.

Jeanette McPherson

Jeanette was immersed in music from an early age. Both of her parents played in Country & Western bands throughout the mid-west and west coast as she was growing up. Her mother played bass and steel guitar and her father played guitar and mandolin in "Hank Williams" style bands and this constant exposure rubbed off on Jeanette and her siblings as all of them went on to play music in various capacities. In spite of constantly being around country and western music she sites motown soul as her favorite style. She moved to Phoenix, Arizona from Northern California where she met Michael McPherson and began participating in his musical projects as a backing vocalist and harmonica player. She was a founding member of Hourglass where sings lead and backing vocals and plays harmonica and percussion.

Barry Schmidt

Barry is a talented songwriter, vocalist and guitarist who has spent most of his musical career as the frontman for various Colorado-based blues bands - most recently with the Catapult Blues Band. He is active in the Boulder Blues Society and brings his love of the blues into Hourglass with his passionate vocals and innovative guitar work. He is equally adept at playing extended solos or solid rhythm on the guitar and prefers putting an original spin on cover material which opens up many musical possibilities for the band.

Dennis Boudreau

Dennis came to Hourglass from the Catapult Blues Band and has played extensively throughout the greater Denver, CO area. Dennis started as a guitar player during his teen-age years but eventually settled in as a bass player. He currently plays five string fretted and fretless basses for hourglass and provides backing vocals. His musical influences draw heavily from classic blues acts and southern blues/rock bands such as the Allman Brothers.

Jim Trotter

Jim comes from a musical family and got his first opportunity to play drums for an audience at age 14 when his father's Country and Western band realized the regular drummer wasn't going to show up for a show in Boulder. After that night, Jim became the regular drummer in that band and went on to play in many other rock, blues and country bands over the next three decades including stints with Bitter Creek and the Runamokers. The newest member of Hourglass, he brings musical verstatility and a strong, precise sense of rhythm to band.

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